About Us

Armstrong Sales Coaching helps organizations and individuals through sales and sales management development training. We teach how to sell stronger by asking stronger questions and having better, more repeatable processes.

The art & science of sales constantly evolves, based on what is going on in the world today. Sales personnel, sales management, and executives learn communication skills that translate to higher sales and a deeper understanding of how to communicate better. We teach the actual questions to ask, at a granular level, as well as how to answer theirs in order to win more sales and succeed in their role. If they have the potential, we can turn "good" salespeople into "great”. If you’re already "great” we can help make you a rock-star.

Our Methodology

Sales. For some, the word is an ugly word. To some it means slimy, pushy, self-serving or sneaky. It makes sense that many people in the profession would rather not do it. On the other hand, it can be one of the most lucrative fields across all professions, if done the right way.

Sales should never make the prospect, customer or salesperson uncomfortable. As a salesperson, you should never have to apply pressure in order to make a sale. We like to call it, Concierge Selling. Put simply, sales is more about asking good questions and letting them discover that they would like your product or service. Individuals can ask “needs” questions instead of simply logistical questions in order to get the result both parties are looking for.

You or your people will learn both conceptual sales strategies, “granular” sales techniques and non-verbal communication techniques used by the very best salespeople today. Some skills will be immediately accessible to them, and others will take time. After all, bad habits can be difficult to break. Our training evolves as technology and communication evolves, so you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter approach.

Although we teach fundamental and advanced skills, we will guide you to the content that fits best for your situation. Call or contact us today to schedule your training sessions.