Hiring Coaching

Are you struggling to find, hire, and retain high quality salespeople? The hiring process is one of the most important and the most difficult parts of advancing your company. You need to find a goal-orientated person who is not only qualified, but fits into the company culture. At Armstrong Sales Coaching, we coach you through every step of the hiring process, setting your business up for success.

Through our hiring coaching, your team leaders, executives, and hiring managers will learn fundamental, repeatable systems and strategies to effectively utilize the following skills:

  • Writing A Compelling Job Posting: We coach you through each aspect of creating your ad, including, making your company enticing to prospective candidates, explaining the job position, and posting.
  • Spotting A Real "Hunter": Our skilled coaches work with you to ensure you have the systems and the strategies to be able to read through resumes, single out qualified candidates, and help you to determine if they have the skills and personality to be successful in your company.
  • Developing Strong Interview Questions: Its imperative as a hiring manager to have strong interview questions that help you predict with a high degree of accuracy if this candidate will be successful in your company. We work with you to develop and implement these questions into your hiring systems.
  • Creating Interview Templates: Your interview process, questions, and procedures should be standard for each candidate. Our teams will work with you to develop and implement interview templates that can be used to accurately measure and analyze all prospects equally.
  • Proposing Proper Compensation: Once you have picked an ideal candidate, you need to make them an offer that not only works for them but for the success of your business. At Armstrong, our coaches help you to determine the proper compensation for your new hires that is enticing without reducing your bottom line.
  • On-boarding Procedures: From hiring to orientation to training, a good on-boarding process sets up your new employee for future success. We are dedicated to either upgrading your current process or implementing a new system that creates an easy transition for your new employee as you integrate them into your organization and your business culture.
  • New-Hire Training: We ensure that your trainers provide your new hires with the skills and the knowledge they need to exceed expectations while promoting the ethics and values of your organization. With the right new-hire training systems in place, you will develop and cultivate rockstar sales associates that will find new opportunities for your business and increase your profits.

As your trusted advisor, Armstrong is committed to your success. Advancing your business, increasing your sales, and developing new opportunities starts with a good team. Our coaches provide you with a systematic, step-by-step approach to hiring that gives you the tools and tactics you need to not only hire, but to retain an A+ sales team.

With Armstrong Sales Coaching, our hiring coaching helps you to develop the systems you need to find, hire, and retain rockstar sales associates for your business. Call or contact us to request your training today.