Asking For Referrals

Did you know you have a higher chance of closing a sale from a referral then from any other prospecting source? However, many salespeople don't benefit from this opportunity because they are uncomfortable asking for the recommendation. The coaches at Armstrong give you the techniques you need to successfully ask for a referral without making the salesperson, or the customer, feel outside their comfort zone.

Benefits To Asking For A Referral

  • Increase Your Close Rates & Boost Sales: When you follow-up on leads from referrals, you begin the sales process at a higher level of trust. This results in a greater probability of closing the sale and an increase in the size of the deal, boosting your profits and expanding your business.
  • Higher Quality Leads When you receive a lead from a client instead of from cold calling, you have a better chance of developing a more qualified lead with a higher probability of leading to bigger, higher cost sales.
  • Develop New Business Opportunities: Word of mouth is a low cost, effective marketing strategy that leads to an increase in sales. Clients that are developed through a referral are more likely to refer additional prospects for your business, developing new opportunities and growing your business.
  • And More

Learning how to ask for referrals is key to your business's success. We tailor our methods to match your sales team's comfort level. Our systematic strategies give you the techniques you need to comfortably ask for referrals without waiting on the customer to provide one.

Don't miss out on quality leads, learn how to ask for referrals today! Call or contact us to schedule your coaching session.