Introductory Statements

Introductory Statements"Tell me about your business" is one of the most asked questions you receive as a salesperson, shouldn't you have a rockstar response? At Armstrong Sales Coaching, we help you to craft an introductionory statement that engages your customer and compels them to act.

When first interacting with clients, you have to develop a 30-second commercial that curates a measured, effective introductory statement for your business. By having an A+ introductory statement you have the capabilities to:

  • Generate Interest For Your Business
  • Engage New Customers
  • Build Confidence In Your Organization
  • Create Brand Recognition
  • And More

There are several questions that, as a salesperson, you will be consistently asked. It's imperative that with your introductory statements you showcase what makes your company different while highlighting how you can help your customer. Our coaches work with you to develop strategies to ensure the responses to these questions hit the right points, compel your audience, and drive results.

Make sure you have a rockstar introductory statement for your business with Armstrong Sales Coaching. Call or contact us today to schedule your training session.