Key Account System

Are there key accounts that you know would benefit from your business but you are failing to reach? At Armstrong, we give you a systematic, step by step process to help you effectively interact with and sell to targeted accounts, increasing your sales, and expanding your business.

Our coaching is not cookie cutter, we tailor our training to meet the needs of your individual business to help you maximize your profits, meet your goals, and develop relationships with your key accounts. Whether your corporation is small, medium, or large, our key account systems approach is adaptable to the size and functionality of your business and provides you with the following:

  • Strategies to effectively introduce yourself to key accounts
  • Techniques on how to market services to targeted businesses
  • Initiate contact with decision makers
  • Tactics to entice key accounts
  • Utilize text, email, and social media to expertly communicate with the right people
  • Methods on how to get on their vendor lists
  • Learn how to grow from here

We teach you how to expand your business and propel your growth by reaching and selling to your key accounts. To be the most successful for your company, our coaches consistently study the latest technologies and trends in human behavior to ensure we are adopting new techniques to enhance our system.

Increase your profits, expand your business, and reach your key accounts with coaching from Armstrong. Call or contact us today to schedule your training sessions.