Overcoming Objections

From "you're too expensive" to "we're looking at other companies," as a salesperson you will hear a lot of reasons a customer has for not wanting to close the sale. At Armstrong Sales Coaching, we give you the strategies and tactics you need to successfully overcome these objections.

Whether it's mental roadblocks or the uncertainty of how to respond, overcoming objections is one of the biggest sales hurdles. Our experienced coaches teach you the tools you need to expand the conversation and overcome the obstacles.

How To Effectively Overcome Objections

  • Generate "Rockstar" Responses: Over the course of your sales career, you will encounter many of the same objections from a wide variety of clients. We teach you how to craft a rockstar response to engage your customer and propel you towards the sale.
  • Use "Hot Sauce" to Overcome Objections Sometimes the only way to overcome your client's objections is with a little hot sauce. We define hot sauce as the questions that need to be asked to achieve a goal, even though they make you a little uncomfortable. These questions help you get to the root of the issue, start a new conversation, or know when to walk away. Our coaches will train you on the hot, mild, medium, or no sauce questions you can ask to deliver results.
  • Develop Effective Communication By asking the right questions and actively listening to your client's reservations, you will gain a better understanding of their needs. With effective communication you gain a more in-depth understanding of your clients' apprehensions, leading to developing more trust and reducing objections.
  • And More

Objections are one of the most common hurdles to your sales success. Instead of trying to convince them why they should buy from you, we teach you how to effectively communicate with your client to overcome their reservations. With Armstrong, we coach you on the best techniques to deliver a rockstar response to your customers objections. Our systems increase your closing ratio, boost your sales, and help you to develop stronger connections with your clients.

Overcome your client's objections and increase your revenues with sales coaching from Armstrong, call or contact us today.