Questioning System

Are your sales people asking the right questions to effectively close the sale? When speaking with prospective clients, you need to know the right sales questions to ask to dig deeper, get to the root of your client's needs, and sell more effectively.

Having an effective questioning system in place allows your sales team to head directly towards your end goal, selling more with laser focus. Our systematic approach gives you a repeatable process that allows you to ask the right questions, at the right time.

Benefits To Questioning Systems

  • Sell Faster and More Effectively: There's a difference between logical questions and sales questions. We provide you with the skills to communicate more effectively, dig deeper, and get to the root of your customer's needs by asking the right questions at the right time. These tactics will help your team to sell faster and to sell more.
  • Close More Deals: By getting to the root of your customer's needs quickly, you will be able to optimize your sales time. By generating wins faster, you can sell to more customers and close more deals.
  • Prevent Deals From Stalling Out: Our questioning system is a systematic approach to selling. We give you a step by step roadmap to help you ask the right questions, overcome any objections, and close your deals faster.
  • Eliminate The Maybes: From "I need to think about it" to "I have other opportunities to review before making a decision" overcoming the maybes is a major sales hurdle. Our coaches work with you to develop questions to help you to sell with a laser focus. Having this system in place, you will have the tools to overcome these objections while still making your customer feel comfortable.
  • Develop More Quality Leads: Many sales people are great at asking questions, but are asking the wrong questions that are not weeding out non-viable leads. With our questioning system in place, your sales team will be more capable of spotting and developing higher quality leads that lead to better closing ratios.
  • And More

Knowing how and when to use the right questions is the key to sales. At Armstrong, we recommend coaching not only your sales team, but also your sales managers on the fundamentals of an effective questioning system. When your managers know what you should be saying and when to close a deal, they are able to train rockstar sales associates, increase revenues, and grow your business.

Develop an effective questioning system to sell better, more effectively, and to grow your business, call or contact us today.