Systems For Leaving Messages

Are your prospects not returning your messages? With the right language, you can compel your clients to want to return your call. At Armstrong, we go beyond training and provide you with world-class coaching on our systems for leaving messages.

The right language, messaging, and tone helps to pique your prospect's interest, enticing them to further the conversation. Whether you are using voicemails, emails, text/instant messaging, or social media platforms, with effective coaching, you will have the strategies you need to successfully leave an effective message.

Our Systems For Leaving Messages

  • Dos & Don'ts: Our leaders explain the right, as well as the wrong, ways to leave a message for your current and prospective clients.
  • Template Building: A fundamental key to your success is being able to repeat the process with every new prospect. We work with you to design templates for your emails, text messages, and more to ensure a strong, well crafted response every time.
  • Private Coaching: We go beyond your training, once you have learned the systems and the strategies, we coach you to ensure you're able to put these tactics into practice. From helping you to compose a message to reviewing your current templates and more, we work with you on every stage of the process.
  • Review / Editing: As your partner, if you are struggling to compose a text, email, or social media response, we will review your current composition and provide suggestions for improvement to help guide you on the path to success.
  • And More

Effective communication with your current and prospective clients is a crucial step in the growth and the development of your business. One fundamental component of communication for your sales team is the ability to leave an effective message. As your coach, we analyze your current process and provide insight, advice, and a new system for leaving messages that gives you repeatable results.

Ensure your messages entice your prospects to continue the conversation with Armstrong's systems for leaving messages, call or contact us today.