Negotiating Systems

Are you struggling to meet the customer's need without reducing the price of your services? Successfully closing a deal doesn't mean you have to lower the cost of your products or provide substantial discounts. At Armstrong, we teach you a series of strategies and techniques that will give you the confidence to sell at higher price points, on your terms, and your customer still walks away happy.

It's imperative for sales people to have a basic understanding of fundamental negotiating skills to protect your margins and your cash flow. Our sales training goes against the ideology that to close the deal, it needs to be a give and take. We teach you how to ask the right questions, overcome rejection, and to become a rockstar negotiator.

Negotiating How-Tos

  • Overcome Mental Roadblocks
  • Gain Confidence As A Negotiator
  • Sell At Higher Price Points
  • Maintain Positive Customer Relations
  • Improve Profit Margins
  • Learn When To Walk Away
  • Implement The "5" Step System
  • And More

Effective negotiating does not need to take hours. Our coaches provide you with the tactics to not only be a successful negotiator, but to overcome any tactics that your client may be using on you. With training from Armstrong, our systematic approach gives you the skills you need to quickly and effortlessly negotiate with your client, allowing you to make a higher sale with improved customer satisfaction.

With Armstrong Sales Coaching, we give you the skills you need to become a more confident, more successful negotiator. Call or contact us to schedule your training today.