Sales Management Training

Sales Management TrainingWhen your sales team is unmotivated and underperforming this directly affects your bottom line. In order to cultivate and develop an A+ sales team, you first need A+ sales management. At Armstrong Sales Coaching, we bring our rules-based strategies to sales teams across the nation, providing the formula you need to drive higher sales and generate results.

Whether they're experienced, newly promoted, or on track to become a sales manager, our high-impact sales management training develops the leaders your organization needs to succeed by providing them with the following:

  • Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team: Are you interested in aggressively meeting your sales goals? Your team's success begins with your sales managers and their abilities to motivate, coach, and lead. With Armstrong, our methods are based in the science of selling. We give you the tools and the strategies you need to develop your sales associates' confidence to break through the complexity ceiling. We develop your skills so you can better help your sales people speak with clients, land prospecting meetings, and successfully close the deal.
  • Key Performance Indicators to Measure Results: How do you know if your team is reaching their goals? Without the right metrics to accurately measure and evaluate performance your managers are unable to push their teams to become stronger, more effective salespeople. We help you invest in your team. By being able to measure sales growth, profit margins, closing ratios, and more, you hold your team accountable, develop expectations, and motivate them to strive to be better.
  • Recruitment and Interviewing Skills to Maintain An A+ Team: Do you have the right team in place for success? In order for your organization to grow and improve you need an overachieving, motivated team focused on a shared goal. Our sales management training gives your leaders the skills they need to recruit, interview, and maintain A+ sales associates.
  • And More

Our sales management training gives your managers the confidence to lead, motivate, and inspire your sales team. With continuous training that is available remotely, in person, or online, we coach your team and develop them into successful, strong leaders that will help your sales team, and your organization, produce higher sales and experience exponential growth.

A good sales management team not only recruits A+ players, but they understand how to motivate and maintain them. Call or contact us to schedule your sales management training today.