Overcoming Rejection

Rejection in sales happens, how you handle that rejection can determine your future successes. At Armstrong Sales Coaching, we have developed a series of strategies and tactics that help you overcome rejection faster, allowing you to become a better, more confident salesperson.

By implementing a system to help your sales team overcome rejection, you create a repeatable process that benefits each member both individually and as a team. Our coaches train you on how to effectively:

  • Overcome Rejection Faster: We give you the skills you need to work past a lost sale, faster. By not getting bogged down by the disappointment, you are able to move on quicker and become less affected by the rejection.
  • Become A More Confident Salesperson: By not taking rejection personally, you are able to reduce the self-doubt and overcome any mental roadblocks that may be hindering your confidence. With more self-confidence you are able to sell more, maintain your margins, and bring in more opportunities for your company.
  • Reduce Burnouts: Loss of motivation, stress, and depletion of self-confidence are symptoms of workplace burnout. By incorporating our strategies, you will develop the skills you need to effectively overcome rejection and not take the losses personally. This will give you the tactics you need to combat or prevent the effects of burnout.
  • Develop Mental Toughness: We help you to build confidence and overcome the mental roadblocks that stop you from succeeding. When you think you are "never" going to be able to accomplish something in sales, you wont. Our coaches help you to incorporate the right skills to overcome these barriers and develop a "sales tough" mentality to be a stronger, more self-assured sales person. With these systems in place, you will be able to better overcome rejection and hold your margins.
  • Sell More: By knowing how to effectively weather the lost deals, you will gain the ability to sell more and to sell better. Implementing these systems and tactics gives you the skills you need to maintain your confidence, even when a sale goes wrong, because your activity levels will become unaffected by wins and losses.

The skills you will gain from our world-class training gives you the opportunity to grow your business faster and more effectively. By implementing a repeatable system to overcome rejection, you will be able to develop more confident, mentally tough salespeople which will increase your closing ratios and your revenues.

Gain confidence as a salesperson and overcome rejection faster with training from Armstrong Sales Coaching; call or contact us today.